Wiff Restaurant – A Success Story

Wiff Restaurant – A Success Story

Asha at Weston Road Farmer's Market

Asha at Weston Road Farmer’s Market

Asha Ahmed is now the proud owner of Wiff restaurant on Weston Road just south of Lawrence. She specializes in Italian-Somali food and her Sambusi were recently called the best in Toronto by the Toronto Star. Asha has worked hard to build this life here in Canada, and it is stories like hers that need to be told.

Arriving in Canada with nothing, Asha had to find a way to survive here, while saving money to send home to her family. Without knowing the language, the culture or the city, rebuilding was extremely difficult. Asha would make Sambusi and sell them to neighbours and friends to make some money to support her family.

Wiff-Restaurant-2Fluent in Italian, Asha used this strength to her advantage finding employment at an Italian newspaper where she eventually saved enough money to open her own restaurant.

Now her family works with her at Wiff restaurant, and on the weekend you can find Asha selling Sambusi at the Weston Road Farmer’s Market. She is bringing the delights of Somali cuisine both to the large Somali community at Weston and Lawrence as well as Canadians.

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