Mohamoud Jirdeh – A Success Story

Mohamoud Jirdeh – A Success Story

On Friday we met and had lunch with Mohamoud Jirdeh at his new restaurant Sahan, on Lawrence near Warden Ave. Over soup Mohamoud told us his incredible story.

Mohamoud and his brother came to Canada by themselves in the early 90’s. He was just 17 at the time and his brother a year younger. At a young age Mohamoud had a lot of responsibility, he found an apartment in Regent Park and worked at Shopper’s Drug Mart to support himself and send his brother to school.

In 1997 Mohamoud went to Commercial Business College in Toronto where he completed his Canadian Security Course and got a job as a loan officer at CIBC. He is now the Compliance Officer at Dahabshill Financial Transfers and the owner operator of his own restaurant.

Mohamoud is extremely appreciative of the opportunities he found here in Canada. He is also helping to rebuild Somalia by sending money, and making trips back home to support those in need.

Mohamoud thinks that there needs to be more positive stories about Somali-Canadians, and is happy to support Sweepstakes for this reason.

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  1. Kennedid Gabriel

    Mohamoud is quite the Epitome of Perseverance and a Man of Honor….He also built a primary school in his native village in Somaliland in order to give back to his motherland so that the kids from that area get a decent education and a fair chance at Life, so to speak…Hats off to this brilliant entrepreneur & may God Bless Him and his young family… Amen!

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